We sell all the coffees we serve in retail packs for you to take home. There is always a choice of coffees at different prices and something to suit every taste. Our staff will be happy to talk you through which coffees will best suit your palate and brew method. All the bags are whole bean we can grind them to suit your preferred brew method.


Coffee Menu  

All our coffees continually change as new harvests become available, providing you with new coffees to enjoy & explore. 


                                    House Blend - Momentum Blend

       espresso €2.2/€2.0ta    americano €2.6/2.4ta    milk drinks €2.9/2.7t 

Decaf - Colombian Decaffeinated

 espresso €2.2/€2.0ta    americano €2.6/2.4ta    milk drinks €2.9/2.7ta 

Filter coffee – we offer a choice of single origins

Brewed using the AeroPress

all filters €2.9/€2.9ta   

Iced Coffee all filter coffees are available as iced coffee €3.3

Add condensed milk + €50